Every Accessory that a Cricket Official (Cricket Umpire or Cricket Scorer) needs - and now several items for Coaches. Open Learning manual, Textbooks and Training Videos from UK & Australia, Law Books in English, Urdu, Maharati, Scorer's Pens, Action Counters, ball and run counters, ball gauges, bat gauges, sweater loops, tethered bails, Wisdens.   We buy and sell older books but only those relevant to umpires or scorers.   Many agents and contacts around the world who would welcome invitations to set up bookstalls at meetings- full address in window above.

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August 2020 Branded Rubber Bowler markers.  We can now print your logo in colour on heavy duty rubber.  These will not blow away AND you can use them as drinks mats or other publicity purposes.

We can print approx 100 at 2.00 each plus delivery cost.  You can either give them away or sell them to your members.

We can also print smaller quantities - or even just one as a sample - provided you are willing to wait until our next major production run.

Provide a good quality image from your association or sponsor.  We can also send you one branded with Acumen Books!
Sample Bowler Markers

15 JUNE 2020 We regret to announce the death of Peter McColl, aged 93, on 13th June 2020.  He had umpired in Minor Counties and North Staffs & South Cheshire League for many years before retiring from the field and then acting as Boundary Assessor.  One of the founders of North West Midlands Branch of ACU&S in 1974 and an accreditted Tutor.  Tributes can be left at https://kevinlowndsfuneralservices.com/condolences/peter-mccoll/  A memorial mass is being provisionally planned for June 2021. 

March 2020 - Royal Mail price increases - also courier prices - please ask for revised quotes. 

July 2019 : Special offers for scorer pens

Tom Smith 2019

Single copies are 17.95 inc UK p&p
Two copies for 32.90
Bulk copies are most economical in boxes of 12
180 inc GB courier (excluding remote areas)
Typical overseas - Australia 220 Canada 200

Other quantities and overseas, please enquire - office@acumenbooks.co.uk

We may be able to arrange for local supply to customers in India or USA
- and we would be interested in hearing from possible agents in other countries.

Acumen Books will always supply at competitive commercial prices.
We also choose the most economical delivery method depending on weight.

We can offer books in bulk on sale or return basis and
will supply known customers before we receive payment.

will contain updated information from time to time

2019 Law Books available 3.50 + p&p.

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Several changes to MCC Laws 2017 (1st Edition) have been notified to come into effect on 1st April 2019  and the 2nd Edition was published in March.  More details can be found on http://nompere.proboards.com/posts/recent including a cut and paste summary of the changes to 1st Edition.
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Field Over Records Card Bat Gauge & Pouch Tethered Bails
Sample reference pages from 2018 Log Book
printable copy of our new blue cardSample tables from Log Book imma Sample tables from Log Book Sample tables from Log Book

TETHERED BAILS - will slip on (and off) all existing stumps - no need for carpentry!

FIELD RECORD (OVERS) CARDS - we are still selling West Surrey (approx A6) but are introducing a card which will enable recording more times and other information required for 2018. The print is larger - on an (approx) A5 size card designed to be folded in half whilst being used and kept in pocket.

LOG BOOK - updated in March 2018) quick reference material as well as extra timings - special offer BOGOF = two for 10 inc UK p&p provided cheque sent by Royal Mail or Bank Transfer.

BAT GAUGE - need I say more?

MCC LAW BOOKS - always the latest edition.

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MCC Law Books 2017  RRP 3.50
 + 1.50 UK p&p or 4.00 overseas p&p
Want BULK?  Ask for quotation

Test whether every bat meets new standard MCC 2017
using this gauge in its handy pseudo leather pouch.

Hang their hats on your belt!  5.00 inc UK p&p
(thanks to Royal Mail's punitive parcel definition)
can be combined with other items at 1.95 each.

15oct16 Ball Gauges for Ladies Marcus Couto has manufactured some rings, pairs of which come in a quality leather bag. 15 inc p&p WORLDWIDE

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