Record Cards/Log Books for Umpires

NEW Logbook & - Pink Cards for Premier/T20

There are also several other popular patterns not all available through Acumen:
Green 2009 Acumen Premier, Sevenoaks, Graham Cooper (West Surrey) and North West Association.
Credit card orders can be placed using the icon in top right of this screen.
There are also three scorebook / player records available from Leisure Products illustrated below.

Pink Premier Record Cards (also suitable for T20)

The latest Acumen Premier Pink Card now has room for score at end of every over as well as further development of the original Trethewey card. It also has an event section to record the beginning and end times of stoppages in hh:mm:ss - TIME is now crucial in many matches, not merely the time for a batsman to come in but also lost ball, injury etc as this can affect penalties for the number of overs not bowled in a certain time.

These are available in tall A6-format cards (to fit in pocket) similar to the pages of the booklet illustrated below.
See also Green Record card if you have to handle matches with last hour 20 over calculations.

Log Book

See sample pages below spiral bound into booklet format (95mm x 165mm) enough for 40 one-innings matches plus FIVE quick reference summaries of important items (see below), which you can check without raising players' suspicions that would emerge if you pulled out the blue book!.
Normal price 8 (plus 2 UK p&p any quantity). SPECIAL price of 8.00 inc UK p&p cheque with order until
10th December 2012.
Bulk quantities can be supplied with customised cover for your sponsors, league or association,

The five Aide Memoires are:
- Ready Reckoner of Over Rates (sample above bottom right)
- Summary of MCC penalty conditions (sample top right)
a simplification for quick reference on the field it can be quite confusing in the heat of an unusual situation!
- List of ECB fast bowling limits for young players RELATED to actual birth dates!
(How many captains know the age of their players nine months earlier?)
- Checklist for captain's conference
- Checklist for field equipment

Whilst we have taken care to ensure accuracy, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or misunderstandings. In all cases, we recommend that you double check either with your calculator or with the written regulations (not just MCC or ECB but also local regulations for your particular match).

Other Record Cards

2009 Green Cards - STOCK WITHDRAWN - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY similar to the 2010 Pink card but includes a section to help with last hour 20 over calculations.

West Surrey Cards designed by Graham Cooper.

Credit card orders for the above can be placed using the icon in top right of this screen.

 North Western Association cards click here for details  and can be obtained direct from them.

In 2009, Sevenoaks cards cost 3.50 for 50 or 7.00 for 100.     You need to send a large and strong envelope to Sevenoaks ACU&S (c/o Mike Jenson, Basted Mill, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, TN15 8LP 01732 882713 MiJan[AT] .   Acumen do not stock these.

The examples are shown in deliberately poor quality to prevent unauthorised copying

(available to special order)

Matrix Scorebook

Championship Record

Players' Log Book

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