COUNTERS for Cricket Umpires

(count the balls with a lever or dial the overs & wickets
tally the runs electronically or mechanically)

Feb 2007 electronic finger tally counter
Water Resistant to 3 metres - suitable for swimmers etc £9.99 inc worldwide p&p cheque with order.

The traditional, classic, white, 6-LEVER COUNTER in ROBUST NYLON at an affordable price
Once used, never discarded! £20 inc worldwide p&p
THREE YEAR warranty

Please specify wrist or finger preference for Velcro band.

The traditional, METAL 6-LEVER COUNTER is still occasionally made in small batches made when sufficient orders – new stock Feb 2016 - £80 inc worldwide p&p

We also buy and sell secondhand ones.
send us an email to place an order or to sell your old one

Ball, Over & Wicket Counter manufactured by Gray-Nicolls. 4 plastic thumb-wheels, 1 for Wickets, 1 for balls and 2 for overs but no mechanical link between them. Fits in either hand. £ 8.50 £ 0.75 UK p&p

SIMILAR manufactured by Readers
EXCEPT that it has no black printing
£ out of stock (Dec 2015) +
£ 0.75 UK p&p

Ball & Over Counter originally manufactured for Hunts . 3 plastic thumb-wheels, 1 for balls and 2 for overs but no mechanical link between them.
Shaped to fit snugly but upside down in left hand.
NOW MADE BY Readers £ 5.95 + £ 0.75 UK p&p

Tally Counters (choice of plastic or metal   see also 2007 electronic model on finger strap above with lever counter

in all models, check on the scores (Law 3.14) - keep in pocket or hold in hand - ideal for practice games / coaching
just press each run (up to 9999, enough even for West Indies!) easily reset

Metal Cylindrical
with metal loop to fit over finger.
£ 9.95 £ 3.00

ALSO desk mounted singly or in a bank
(please ask for details)

Plastic Black bullet
with short string loop (to go round fingers).

New stock not expected before August 2016

2004 electronic counter E2
with neck strap or wrist strap.
Neck strap
£ 4.95 £ 3.00
Wrist strap
£ no stock £ 3.00
You can convert Neck to Wrist
by carefully undoing four screws
adjust length to suit.

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