SWEATER LOOPS for Cricket Umpires

Do you have problems holding sweaters or tucking them into your belt?
Acumen now offers a choice of loops (sold in pairs) to hang sweaters from
a waist pouch's band or a normal trouser/skirt belt

Photos for comparison

A/B Adjustable stretch strap

C - Short Adjustable strap

D – my ruler (not for sale)

E – Fabric Loop

F – Elastic Loop

G – Bulldog Clip on Key Fob
(DIY from many stationers or “Pound” shops)

NO – I do not wear them all at the same time on the field!!!

A/B VelStretch®
Adjustable Strap

shown at longest and shortest adjustment
secure Velcro® fastening

£7.00 inc UK p&p *

C Adjustable
Short Strap

shown at longest with
secure VelStrap
® fastening

E Fixed Length Fabric Strap

F Fixed Length Elastic Strap

Blue only
£5.00 inc UK p&p *

£3.00 inc UK p&p *

Black or White Elastic
£3.00 inc UK p&p *

All loops sold in pairs -
more than one pair? Save! Deduct £1 off p&p for each extra pair
* Price shown includes UK p&p provided cheques sent with order.
VAT included at 17.5% - prices and may be subject to 2% surcharge in January 2011.
Online and credit sale prices may vary.

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