Roller Mop specially designed to pick up moisture without damaging the pitch – approx 2’ wide sponge roller with scissor handle to make emptying easier – send for full details. each 99.00 9.00

* improve your chances of play

* clears standing water, up to 4 litres per minute

* avoids damage or flattening to the ground I pitch

* just roll the sponge mop through the puddle(s)


rolling through puddle

* and then squeeze into bucket or drain point.

* even more effective if you follow closely behind the heavy roller!


* roller40cm wide, overall 120cm,weight5kg

* spare rollers, quantity discounts, delivery etc

Summer 1999 prices:-

     95 full unit    (including England carriage and VAT)

     15 for spare rollers (inc VAT but excluding carriage)

an ACUMEN product           Nantwich Road, Audley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 8DL.

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