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MCC did approve new code on 3rd May 2000 - follow this link for more details   - although they did not come into force until 1st October 2000.  You can download a copy in Acrobat PDF format but you will need a modern copy of Adobe's viewer (free download but 6Mbytes!)  

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Wisden Laws of Cricket 2000

Don Oslear - controversial as ever contributes his comments about the new code of Laws -

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we now have copies of the (January 2001) amended version.   Acumen Books - Wisden Laws of Cricket Errata  contains the errata for the September 2000 edition.

This guide provides a commentary on every law, covering the reasons for the changes and highlighting their anticipated effects at every level.   It includes full discussion of penalties and the revisions to the "no ball" law.

All in Don's inimitable style with remeniscences and history intermingled.

MCC Law Book   2000

Blue Law Books - we now have stocks
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Derek Rowley has prepared some
notes comparing old and new - 
click here for a copy at your own risk

John Brown's summary for players

John Brown's summary for scorers

John Brown's summary for umpires

Tom Smith 2000

Tom Smith's  latest impression,  7.99 plus 1.50 UK p&p (ACU&S members UK post free for pre-paid orders - also Overseas surface mail - overseas airmail add 2.00) (cash/stamps/cheque with order) - send small orders with payment - email large orders immediately and we will quote.

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ACU&S Videos sponsored  by Emirate Air and Dunlop Slazenger issued March 2001 - both PAL and NSTC copies in stock .

Australian Videos revised editions promised for Autumn 2002 - meanwhile we have sold out of both titles (#1 What's Your Decision; #2 Art of Umpiring).

ACU&S Open Learning Manual out of print but MCC version available Autumn 2002.

Next Man In - no plans for any revision of this title partly due to death of author, Gerald Brodribb.

Scorer's Handbook - Derek Hibbs revised edition published Nov 2000 copies available from Acumen 5.00 + p&p - visit his web site on

Instructor Manuals (both Umpires and Scorers) have been revised and circulated free of charge to all registered instructors.

We have now closed the offer to buy back surplus unsold copies of the present editions of these books.   We also have copies of hardback editions of Law Books and Tom Smiths which we are offering at a discount - click on "ORDER" above.

Courses, Meetings & Seminars - details will appear in these pages if you remember to tell us! Meanwhile ACU&S's web site does contain some information about 2000/1 plans for promulgation and training of umpires and instructors 

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