Autumn 2003 - Even better Staedtler pens - now on separate page

Details of Two Scoresheets now appear here and more may follow eventually, although we understand that several manufacturers are still selling the old format books.

Acumen will 
ONLY recommend and sell NEW style large books for professional scorers.

The small pocket books from Leisure Products have not been updated but will be adequate for their original purpose as a spectator's quick record and are still on sale.


Millennium Scoring Record (a superior scorebook)

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Some members of the former ACU&S Scorers' Committee under the leadership of Cathy Rawson have designed a new A3 score book to meet the requirements of the 2000 MCC Code of Laws (eg Penalty Runs etc).   The production has now been funded by Milstead C C and will NOT carry an ACU&S logo although they have bee approved by their Scorers' Committee.

They are now on sale with a retail price of 20.00. UK p&p 5 for 1, 10 for 2 or 3 copies UK p&p.   More than 3 post free in UK.   Overseas p&p - please ask for economy / standard / swiftair rate.   Refill packs will be available later.   LAUNCH PRICE includes FREE polythene carrying bag.

The books cater for 100 innings (50 matches) with loose leaf A3 (landscape) sized pages in a 4 ring binder, the front cover of which folds behind the hard back so that a worktop space of 18" x 13" is required by the scorer - but could also be used without a table.

Now available from stock either by sending cheque with order to Acumen Books at the above address or by clicking on Order by Credit card above.



DMJ Consultancy, 3 Merryfield Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4BS  e:mail to ) - John Chandler is a Qualified Scorer Member of ACU&S


Staedtler and Edding Pens on special page



tally counters - the new electronic tally counters are especially suitable for mounting on your work plate - with three of them you can keep a complete running total of both batsmen and the extras. (5.99 each + 50p UK p&p)

Armbands now available 2 each + small UK p&p

KNOWING THE SCORE (Past Present and Future of Cricket Scoring) by Keith Booth 

WEATHERSHIELD now out of production and no secondhand ones available.

Derek Hibbs' Scorers Handbook is temporarily OUT of PRINT

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Example of Millennium Scoring Record

for details of new electronic tally counters which are suitable for desk mounting
also for details of Tom Smith's Umpiring and Scoring and many other books
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