Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring & Scoring (2003 Code)

The only guide to the rules of umpiring and scoring authorised by the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. It introduces the complete laws of the game, plus help on interpretation and practical hints - various editions available.

Tom Smith 2004- minor revisions in 2006 to the text fully revised, enhanced and illustrated in 2004 to include 2003 Law changes by ACU&S (Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers) Technical Committee Chairman & members MUCH LARGER and with many more diagrams and photographs than the 2000 edition RSP £9.99 - order online or send a cheque for £9.50 (ACU&S members) or £9.75 (for others) inc UK p&p  to address above.   We regret plastic jackets not available.

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If you have a copy of the 2004 edition, you can download a list of the minor amendments compiled by Stan Bennett.


You may find MCC Laws 2003 - Summary of Changes useful

also download MCC Open Learning Manual FREE from where you can also find a summary and explanation of the 2008 changes to the construction of the bat./


Tom Smith 2000Sometimes available - second-hand copies of the fourth impression of the fifth edition corrections dated February 2002 reprinted 2004 - fully revised 2000 -  by ACU&S (Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers)  technical committee members Sheila Hill & Robbie Robins
ISBN 0297646044

The previous edition is dated 1998 on the flyleaf and second-hand copies are sometimes available

The small top panel in red reads "New Edition" for 1998 and "Fully Revised Edition for 1996/7.

This differs from 1996/7 versions mainly on page 200 dealing with Law 42.9 (Beamers) but also on pages 39/40 giving guidance on suspending play in poor conditions.

We understand that Registered Instructors were issued with a suitable supplement to give to trainees with the 1996/7 edition rather than require them to purchase a new edition.


1996/7 was a major revision containing ACU&S Technical Committee rulings and clarifications.   This is still available (at a discounted price) and does include a supplementary sheet with the amendments to pages 39, 40 and 200 (reproduced by kind permission of Orion Books) £5.49 + £1.00 UK p&p

Older editions are available second hand from time to time - please enquire
1957 first published Phoenix Sports Books)
1961 revised
1963 second revised edition
1964 reprinted
1969 third revised edition (SBN 460 07740 J M Dent & Sons)

1989 (last edition by Tom Smith)
1993 (first revision by Sheila Hill and Robbie Robins)

Acumen Books is the best place to buy for the New Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring the classic ACU&S textbook for cricket umpires and cricket scorers - also known as the Jubilee Tom Smith (JTS) in honour of the foundation of The Association of Cricket Umpires (and Scorers was added in 199?) in 1953 by Tom Smith.

Barrie Stuart-King wishes us to make it clear that Acumen Books is not directly controlled by ACU&S although Acumen does try to act in the best long term interests of both the Association and the members.   We were originally developed as an independent operation just before the 1980 Tom Smith launch after long discussions with the then ACU Executive who felt that it would be better as a separate entity.

As a result, over the years, we have expanded and consequently been able to negotiate better bulk purchasing discounts with wholesalers.  We have been able to use surplus profits to the benefit of Association and members in both direct and indirect ways.   Consequently we are now able to offer our traditional, but better than ever, pre-publication offers.

Pre-publication means pay or order before 1st November 2004 to ensure that individual copies are on your doormat on the official date (or earlier if any other seller jumps the gun – there is a prize for the first person to tell Acumen the details of any other public sale) – also subject to the vagaries of Royal Mail.

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We also stock some books for cricket coaches, as well as MCC law books, Guide to Duckworth Lewis

The textbook is vital for training and examinations.

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